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Pretreatment Resources 

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Pretreatment Program has led the way to dramatically reduce or eliminate discharges of pollutants to sanitary sewer systems and to the nation’s water bodies.  Our Programs control a complex array of industrial waste streams in order to prevent interference or pass-through of municipal treatment system processes.  Without these controls, a number of harmful pollutants could make their way into the nation's waters.  Local partnerships are central to the successful implementation of the Program.  Renewed commitment and support will conserve the environmental gains of the last 30 years, strengthen strategic partnerships and prepare communities to meet the pollution challenges of the 21st Century


The General Pretreatment Regulations, found in 40CFR Part 403, were established in the early 1980’s to aid the publicly-owned wastewater treatment works (POTWs) in controlling industrial wastewater discharges. 


Prohibition of specific discharges and control of pollutant concentrations were directed at preventing pass-through without adequate treatment and interference with collections systems and plant operations.

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